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Hoka One

Manhattan College


Results 2013:
Last Updated: Sunday, October 13, 2013

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Eugene and Sally Trigo Sophomore Boys "A"
Sophomore Boys "B"
Sophomore Boys "C"
Freshman Girls "A"
Br. Raphael Cecchini FSC Mem. Freshman Boys "A"
Br. Francis Bowers FSC Freshman Boys "B"
Freshman Girls "B"
Kye Courtney Mem. Freshman Boys "C"
Freshman Girls "C"
Mark Codd Freshman Boys "D"
Freshman Girls "D"
O'Malley Family Freshman Boys "E"
Jim McHugh JV Boys "A"
Sal Marro JV Girls "A"
Thomas H. Lindgren Mem. JV Boys "B"
Kate Welling Memorial JV Girls "B" Race
Michael J. Codd Memorial JV Boys "C"
JV Girls "C"
Jacob Korn Memorial JV Boys "D"
JV Girls "D"
Louis Vazquez Jr. Memorial JV Boys "E"
Sophomore Girls "A"
Sophomore Girls "B"
Peter L. Waters Varsity Boys "A"
George T. Eastment Varsity Boys "B"
Dr. Francis J. Sweeny Varsity Boys "C"
Joseph P. Kearney Varsity Boys "D"
Edward D. O'Toole Varsity Boys "E"
Lindy J. Remigino Varsity Boys "F"
John N. Johnson Varsity Boys "G"
Peter Aquilone Boys Eastern States Championship
Intermediate Boys (Grades 7-8)
Intermediate Girls (Grades 7-8)
Edward J.J. Bowes Girls Eastern States Championship
Warren Ring Varsity Girls "A"
Br. Gregory Hunt FSC Varsity Girls "B"
Mike Cohen Varsity Girls "C"
Fred Dwyer Varsity Girls "D"
Irv Kintisch Varsity Girls "E"
Sr. Geraldine Bowes, OP Varsity Girls "F"
Source for results: CFPI Timing