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Hoka One

Manhattan College


Results 2011:
Last Updated: Sunday, October 9, 2011 3:35 PM EST

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Race Time
Sophomore Boys "A" 9:05
Sophomore Boys "B" 9:17
Sophomore Boys "C" 9:29
Freshman Girls "A" 9:41
Br. Raphael Cecchini FSC Mem. Freshman Boys "A" 9:49
Br. Francis Bowers FSC Freshman Boys "B" 9:57
Freshman Girls "B" 10:03
Kye Courtney Mem. Freshman Boys "C" 10:11
Freshman Girls "C" 10:17
Mark Codd Freshman Boys "D" 10:26
Freshman Girls "D" 10:32
O'Malley Family Freshman Boys "E" 10:41
Jim McHugh JV Boys "A" 10:47
Fred Marro JV Girls "A" 10:58
Thomas H. Lindgren Mem. JV Boys "B" 11:09
Kate Welling Memorial JV Girls "B" Race 11:20
JV Boys "C" 11:31
JV Girls "C" 11:42
JV Boys "D" 11:53
JV Girls "D" 12:04
JV Boys "E" 12:15
Sophomore Girls "A" 12:26
Sophomore Girls "B" 12:38
Peter L. Waters Varsity Boys "A" 12:51
George T. Eastment Varsity Boys "B" 1:03
Dr. Francis J. Sweeny Varsity Boys "C" 1:15
Joseph P. Kearney Varsity Boys "D" 1:27
Edward D. O'Toole Varsity Boys "E" 1:39
Lindy J. Remigino Varsity Boys "F" 1:51
John N. Johnson Varsity Boys "G" 2:03
Peter Aquilone Boys Eastern States Championship 2:15
Intermediate Boys (Grades 7-8)
Intermediate Girls (Grades 7-8) 2:38
Edward J.J. Bowes Girls Eastern States Championship 2:46
Warren Ring Varsity Girls "A" 2:58
Br. Gregory Hunt FSC Varsity Girls "B" 3:10
Mike Cohen Varsity Girls "C" 3:22
Fred Dwyer Varsity Girls "D" 3:34
Irv Kintisch Varsity Girls "E" 3:46
Sr. Geraldine Bowes, OP Varsity Girls "F" 3:58