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Hoka One

Manhattan College


Instructions for Completion of On-Line Entry Form:
Last Updated: August 26, 2018

  1. Coaches must enter the meet through the meet Web site:
  2. Completely fill out entry form;
  3. Please submit your roster in the space provided (PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR ROSTER REASONABLY REFLECTS THE NUMBER OF TEAMS THAT YOU ARE ENTERING. Please do not enter a roster of 60 runners, for example, and only enter 2 or 3 teams);
  4. Rules for Team entries:
    • a. You must run your best seven (7) runners as your Varsity team. If you run an incomplete Varsity team, you cannot enter a Junior Varsity team. If a Sophomore is one of the best seven (7) runners, he/she can compete in the Sophomore race;
    • b. You can enter only one Varsity team;
    • c. You cannot enter a Junior Varsity team unless you have entered a Varsity team or Eastern States Team;
    • d. If you are entering the Boys or Girls Eastern States Championship, you cannot also enter a Varsity team (either your Varsity team competes in the Championship race or a regular Varsity race);
    • e. You can enter an unlimited number of teams in the Junior Varsity, Sophomore or Freshman divisions. Each team is defined as 7 runners or less and each team is subject to the entry fee shown on the entry form;
    • f. Freshmen runners cannot compete in the Sophomore division;
  5. You can enter an unlimited number of Intermediate runners at the entry fee per individual as shown on the entry form. Intermediate runners are defined as 7th and 8th Graders only. There is no team scoring. All Intermediate runners must represent the school that they are attending (wearing the school uniform) and not a club to which they might belong;
  6. Only Intermediate runners are entered as individuals. All Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Varsity and Varsity runners are entered on a “Team” basis;
  7. No entrant who has reached his/her nineteenth birthday (19) before July 1, 2018, shall be eligible to run;
  8. Any freshman who is sixteen (16) before July 1, 2018 will be ineligible for the Freshman Race. Only Ninth Graders may compete in the Freshman Race. Boys/Girls repeating the Ninth Grade are ineligible for the Freshman Race. Intermediate runners are not allowed to compete in either the Freshman or Sophomore Races;
  9. Definition of Sophomore: In tenth grade for first time and second year of High School after leaving 8th grade;
  10. DISQUALIFICATION: A member of any team cutting the course will cause disqualification of his/her ENTIRE TEAM in that race;
  11. If a school enters more than one team in the Sophomore, Junior Varsity, or Freshman Races, it must run its 7 BEST on the A team, next 7 on B team, etc.;
  12. Teams need to have a minimum of 5 athletes finish for a team score.
  13. In the Team Scoring there is no displacement of runners who finish on incomplete teams (less than 5 scorers).
  14. If a School runs more than 7 runners in any Team scoring race they will be Disqualified.
  15. A school may enter the Sophomore Race without entering a Junior Varsity or Varsity team;
  16. Team Ties - highest 5th place finisher will be the Tie-Breaker;
  17. Please do not allow an athlete to compete if they are injured or ill. By sending an athlete to the starting line, the coach has certified that they are healthy and able to participate.
  18. All athletes, including Intermediates, must be on the roster and must have a Bib number.


After you have completed the application in accordance with the instructions above, please click on the “Submit” button. Your entry is now in our system, but you have not been accepted into the Meet.

To complete the entry process, you must:

    1. Print two copies of your entry. Mail one with your payment and give one to your school official who writes the check / P.O.
    2. Have it signed by the Athletic Director of your school in the space provided;
    3. Mail it (with your check or payment order) to the address shown on the entry form;

Mr. Phil Zodda
Manhattan College Cross Country Invitational
4309 Avenue “K”
Brooklyn, NY 11210

Make the check or payment order out to:
"Manhattan College Cross-Country Invitational"

When we have accepted the “hard copy” of the entry form, your team will be added to the Accepted Teams link from the homepage.


By changing the Meet to on-line entries and electronic scoring, we must implement deadlines in order to have the entire process run as smoothly as possible. The first set of deadlines will be for the first phase of the on-line entry process. As of Noon ET on September 21, 2018, the on-line entry process will be closed for any new entries. In order for your team to be properly seeded, these deadlines must be met.

We will re-open the on-line entry process at Noon ET on September 24, 2018 for new entries. At that time, the fees will change as follows:

In addition, any entries filed in this second phase of the entry process will not get normal seeding. The teams will be placed at the “end of the line.”

Finally, we have an absolute deadline of Noon ET on October 8, 2018 for all additions and deletions to the roster and for all changes to the entry forms. Please note, however, if you reduce the number of teams that you had previously entered, there is no reduction in fee. We have always operated the “fee portion” of this Meet as an entry fee, not a participation fee. You can add more teams, but you cannot reduce the number of teams that you previously entered.

In table form, here are our deadlines:

September 21, 2018, Noon ET Closing of phase 1 of the on-line entry process
September 24, 2018, Noon ET Re-opening of the on-line entry process at higher fees and “end of the line” seeding
October 8, 2018, Noon ET All access to on-line entries and rosters is closed


Please adhere to these deadlines. It is in the best interests of your athletes (and your budget) to do so.

Please make sure that your team is not on the overdue list. No entry will be accepted from a school that is on the Overdue list